THIS WEEK IN REVIEW and the landscaping faux pas

Let's face it, the week doesn't always go as we plan it...and that's why I'm sharing this week's hits and total misses. Enjoy! 

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1. Getting my hair colour refreshed. The one hour every 3 months that I get to sit and just be me. 

2. Making my mum cry on Mother's Day. Happy tears, of course, featuring a beautiful video of her grand babies. (will be posting that one soon)

3. Got a new mattress topper for our bed, and now I sleep on a cushion top field of fluffy dreams. Oh, how my life has changed over the years that I'm now excited about a mattress topper. 


1. Being given a type of pain relief by my doctor that didn't agree with my body and sent me loopy. Literally. Like, off the planet, eyes rolling in the back of my head, loopy.

2. Waking up the next day with a hangover from said loopy medication. :P 

3. Spending the weekend carefully selecting some beautiful plants for our front garden, proceeding to plant them, then having a client meeting at home with a Bride & Groom, said Groom is a landscaper and figuring out that we'd totally misplanted them and they're going to grow as slow as a watched kettle will boil. Oi, vey! 


But what I've learnt from it can spend your time worrying about what the week ahead may bring and how you'll handle it, but life is unpredictable. Just take a breath, go with the flow and make tomorrow a better and more productive day than today.