The beautiful sun rose over the water at Kurnell on Saturday, it was warm and strong. And with the sun, brought the possibility of another amazing day filled with new life.

This incredible family has had it's fair share of trials over the past few years. A beautiful girl born so premature that her skin was transparent, a husband serving in the Australian Army (freaking amazing, every single one of them, that we can never thank enough) and a wife who is now celebrating 12 months since her successful kidney transplant. It was only fitting that we took their newest (and super healthy looking, might I add), family photos at sunrise to celebrate that second chance at life.

Aaron and Kristen, thank you for being an inspiration. For fighting when it seemed impossible. For persevering when it seemed hopeless. And for coming out the other end, even more incredible and humbled than before. You are two everyday Aussies, living extraordinary lives!

Sam x