I photographed a Macedonian wedding just over a year ago, I had the BEST time and I announced it was my favourite wedding ever. Then I photographed a Turkish wedding and it was my new favourite. But I photographed Bec & Paul's engagement party a few weeks ago and had a blast with some of the coolest Irish people I've ever met. It seems that I've come to realise that it's not specific nationalities that I adore, but more the celebration of one's culture. Different cultures and ethnicities from all over the world coming together to celebrate a love between two people. That is true love. It makes me happy, a little bit teary and emotional even (that's the mum in me), but each time I realise how lucky I am to be a part of their culture and family for the day. 

I first met the lovely Bec when we worked on the Polo Club styled shoot together and I was wowed with her incredible Lady B Paperie invitation designs (you can see the White Magazine blog post here). Her sweet nature really stuck with me and I thought to myself "I am going to work with her again one day, she's the type of girl I want in my life". So when I got the email from Bec requesting me to shoot her new invitation suites, I was thrilled! We booked it in and then spent the day together styling up her invitations (a sneak peek here) and dancing to really bad (but secretly really good) 80s music that we'd both grown up on. We got to chatting and next thing you know, her engagement party has come around....a homegrown, classy but simple party at home (totally jealous of that view by the way). 

Bec and Paul, you two are the sweetest, most caring people, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your circle of loved ones for the day. I love most that you both know just how blessed you are with all those incredible people surrounding you, most people don't see what they've got until it's too late, but not you guys. 

Sam x