This weekend didn't exactly turn out to be the holiday that we expected....my sister in law visited Oaks Pacific Blue Resort at Salamander Bay earlier this year, fell in love with the place, returned home and immediately booked our next family holiday there. After months of waiting, we finally left around midday on Friday morning and around 1 hour into our trip our plans took a swift turn. The short version is that a truck with a trailer (carrying a diesel generator) had lost control of its trailer on the motorway, took a sharp turn trying to correct itself and the truck's bullbar ended up in the front of our car, nowhere to go and no way to avoid it at 110km/h. Thankfully no-one was hurt and looking back on the accident, we got off super lucky! The entire motorway was shut down to clean the diesel spill (sorry to the 9km of traffic that we caused), the emergency services were amazing and after trying to persuade me to go to the hospital for a visit, transported us to a rendezvous point for my incredible sister (who had only just returned from her honeymoon in Thailand, seriously amazing stuff) to give us a lift to the rest of our holiday. 

Saturday took a turn for the worst with a pounding headache, tingling limbs, weak limbs and excruciating pain all through my body saw me head up to the hospital, laid flat on my back in a neck brace (sexy huh?!) and transferred to John Hunter Hospital (a 1 hour ambulance ride away) for tests to make sure all was well. After what felt like an eternity of 8 hours lying flat on my back not being able to move, I finally got the all clear and a clean bill of health! (HOORAY!!!) 

Sunday came and went like lightning and today we returned home (very slowly, whilst dodging trailers). And although it wasn't exactly the holiday I had imagined, I'm thankful once again for my family. Those that care for me, for my husband and for my children. Those that pray for our safe journey and those that are still around us. This weekend could have had a much different ending, but I'm thankful that we're all still here to holiday another day. 


And here's a visual snippet of our few days away...

P.S. What's a girl to do whilst she's lying on her back for 8 hours, staring at the ceiling and blue sky, but to take a selfie?! 

All images taken on iPhone 5