I've known this gorgeous mum, Lien, for quite a few years now. She's friends with my sister-in-law but we've got a close connection because our sons are only a week apart in age. But more so, I connect with Lien because of her gentle heart and her love to laugh, people like that are always the best in my books. 

To have the privilege to get to know the rest of the family was as always, awesome. I love to see how each family is different, different ages, each person's personalities, the way they interact with each other. No two families are the same and I love that. 


To the Issa Family - thank you for putting up with my requests, thank you for not being afraid to laugh in front of me, and thank you for being yourselves. I'm mostly glad to have been able to help create a reason in your busy schedules to get out and enjoy an afternoon, to just be. Together.

Sam x