KIDSPOT PRESENTS....the top 100 Australian bloggers for 2014!

For years now my blog has failed, the fact that I didn't even post anything is totally beside the point ok! So when I heard from my favourite Luisa Brimble that she was speaking at a masterclass at The School I knew I just HAD to go (and not just to have a kid free afternoon)! Today I was privileged enough to join the most incredible bloggers from across the country and a few, like me, that had neglected theirs to learn all about the best way to make the most of your blog. Check out the list to see if your favourite blog was nominated, who knows you might even find a new favourite...?

Here are a few pretty pictures from the masterclass event, now perhaps it's time to go enrol in a writing class.... 

Many thanks again to Kidspot for putting on such a fabulous event!