Last week I posted a short blog about a day in my life. I read it again afterwards and realised I'd forgotten a million other things from that day, that this much work was insane and that this was a pretty normal day in my life. 

Re-reading the article and a few other events this week have brought me to a conclusion...I have no work/life balance.

Instead, my life is constant stress and always on the go, I never get a break. Ever. I don't sleep. I'd be lucky if I got 4 hours sleep a night. And it wasn't until I was forced into resting (with the car accident injuries and gastro bug we caught) that I realised just how tired and run down I was.

So, I've given myself a challenge to restore the balance in my life. I've changed my diet and it's helped me to lose 5kgs. I've been trying to go to bed earlier, and my brain is slowly starting to return to normal and I'm less snappier at my husband and kids. 

The next challenge is my work. I'll be switching my phone off and only having it on between work hours of 9am-5pm, rather than the usual 24/7. Just thinking about this is making me feel more relaxed and my brain clear. I've worked for too many years being accessible all day long and I've finally reached my limit. 

I LOVE my work and my 'job', but I'm thankful to have finally realised that I can't do it all day long and my body needs to recover. I'm hoping this change will help give my clients a better version of myself and not the overtired one I feel like I've been handing out sometimes.

So, here's to change, to looking after yourself and to giving people the very best version of you. 

What can YOU change in your life to produce a better you?

Happy Thursday! 

Sam x