This blog has been a long time coming...I mean a LONG time coming...but I am so stoked that we took the extra time to get it just right. I'm hoping to blog a few times a week but I realise that that's about as possible as pigs flying, but for now just stay tuned for weekly posts. So, grab a cuppa, take a look around and let me know what you think!


I met Charlie and Bek in the city for their engagement session a few weeks ago. It was early on a Sunday morning, the air was crisp, the streets were empty and the sun was shining. To me, this is perfection, an empty city and a couple full of love.

They brought along their beautiful daughter, Miss M, who has the most adorable blonde curly hair and we turned decided to turn it into a mini family session. 

I was also privileged to a sneak peek of the wedding dress in between shots and am SUPER excited to see their gorgeous Homebush wedding full of culture and tradition come to life this September. 

Thanks Charlie & Bek, you guys rock, your wedding day is going to be a blast and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you! 

Happy Wednesday! 
Sam x