I first met BJ & Sophie at their engagement session in July last year, they had eyes for only each other and were full of giggles. I hadn't met them previously, we have no mutual friends and yet they booked me in straight away, so naturally I was a little nervous and tried to make a good first impression. All was going well until I lost my footing and fell over. Flat on my behind. 7 months pregnant. All I could do was laugh. And kind of hope that Sophie & BJ would laugh too (I like to make people laugh, I think I must've been a circus monkey in another life), but instead Sophie just about had a heart attack worrying about me, and it was there that I realised how genuine and loving they were. 

Finally, their February wedding came around and once again, my streak for insanely warm wedding weather followed us. It's getting a bit ridiculous really, I think I need to invest in a personal fan, shooting a wedding in 30 plus degrees is not much fun. But, just as if it was my own wedding, as soon as I started shooting, the temperature faded away and I enjoyed it. 

Sophie & Bj's beautiful, classic wedding was intimate, relaxed and laid back. They had their family and friends help with everything, from the homemade bouquets and floral arrangements to the bridal party being only their siblings and combined their Turkish, Kiwi & Australian cultures perfectly. 

Sophie wore the most gorgeous gown from Karen Willis Holmes, paired with earrings by Samantha Wills. They celebrated with a simple reception at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant and had Dj Baki keep the party going with a mix of traditional & modern Turkish music. We were also lucky enough to work with some super cool videographers Tim & Co Films, head on over and check out the wedding film here


BJ & Sophie - you are both such awesome, humble people. The kind that makes others want to be better people themselves. It was an honour to be a part of your family for the day, thank you for the warmth that you welcomed us with. 


If there's one thing I've learnt over the past few years, it's that you get back what you give, so go and celebrate life with your loved ones!

Happy weekend to you all, 

Sam x