5.00am - alarm clock
5.29am - roll out of bed, shower, skip breakfast, pack camera bag, give kids breakfast, change 3x children, pack kid's bags, do hair, makeup & get dressed
8.18am - leave the house with a full car, drop by post office (for like the 4th time this week), pick up sweets for Mum, drop off kids with Mum
9.03am - dodge traffic to Marrickville
10.25am - creative meeting with Ganton
12.14pm - drag myself out of the Ganton warehouse, drive to Hunters Hill, drive-thru Maccas for lunch
1pm - arrive at Hunters Hill shoot location, shoot 3x set ups for new 'Lipstick and Cake' e-cookbook
4pm - finish shoot, drive with the family to Hunters Hill reserve, get all three kids out of the car, too windy, put all three kids back in the car, drive to Top Ryde shopping centre, dinner, christmas shopping (found 5 gifts in 15mins), drive home
7.30pm - arrive home
7.47pm - respond to urgent emails
10.05pm - write blog post
10.13pm - clean house

But then I get to create images like this......and who can complain?!