My brother is the funniest guy I know and every time we get together it's like we were back in the day when we'd cruise through town in the middle of winter with the windows open and the heater on. We were awesome. Like, totally awesome. We were the closest during our teenage years, but I think mainly due to the fact that I was the only one who would throw the ball around with him after school. 

When my brother met Sally I was so upset, I mean, who WAS this woman and why had she taken all my brother's time away from me? I knew him first so that meant I had dibs! And then I met Sally. And my feelings instantly changed. I now hated my brother. For choosing a girl so nice that it was impossible to hate her. I mean seriously, if you don't like Sal then you don't like cute little pictures of kitty cats curled up in a ball. It's just plain wrong not to like them. 

Instantly, Sally was part of our family but over the past few years it has been amazing to share a sister relationship with her (I just don't know how she was the only girl with THREE brothers). She is talented, creative, smart and always up for a good giggle, the perfect recipe for a mother. 

So yesterday, we got together to celebrate and anticipate the impending arrival of Baby G....here are a few pics from a lovely afternoon tea...

Chris & Sally, I am so incredibly happy for you guys. I wish I could explain it with words but when your little one arrives you'll completely understand this feeling. You two are going to be (and already are) the most amazing parents and we are so excited to meet this new person into our family. 

Sam x


P.S. Keep an eye out for Chris & Sally's maternity session post & newborn photos in just a few short weeks. 

P.P.S. My brother has just started a new blog to document his life as a new Dad. It's an awesome read and only going to get funnier. Go check out WhatiDADthisweek blog.